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Spencer S
Jun 23, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
I saw a post once saying that anyone who finds BTS when they are going through a hard time have a special connection with the boys. About a year ago I was battling an eating disorder that had resurfaced after years of being under control. At that time I was also struggling with finding good friends and being comfortable with me. I discovered BTS the same way a lot of people do, by simply watching a video of them and thinking “mmm, they are really talented, I’ll just go find out there names.” From there the music and messages they had became my lifeline. I’ve always had a very strong connection with music and it’s always been very important to me but no music has felt like BTS. It’s as if they are just waiting for you with big open arms and a heart full of love. Wanting to hear our stories and our journeys and support us just as much as we support them. RM‘s message of self love followed by speaking yourself and being who you are is so powerful. Winter Bear and Magic Shop, Euphoria and Epiphany, Love Yourself:Answer and Inner Child, Promise and Awake, Intro:Persona and Outro:Ego, Best of me and Moonlight are just among the many songs that have saved me many times. Thank you ☺️ I purple you 💜💜💜

Spencer S

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