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Astra Saurus
Jun 23, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Hello. My discovery of the beautiful world of music and love that BTS have created has been a recent one. COVID was wrecking havoc in my life. My mum was critically ill with it, then my grandparents were affected, and I lost one of them. I was looking after our home, my father was running to and fro from the hospital in a different city. I had people around me, but I felt so alone, so demotivated. Moreover, I had chosen a very tough exam which would have started my career. But I had failed in that. Basically, life was a wreck. Amongst all these things, one day I heard a BTS song. I started with Korean songs, not English ones, as I had been seeing K-dramas for a while. The first song I heard was life goes on. It hit me deep in my heart. Then the caravan started, I cried hearing spring day, danced to Fire and Mic Drop. Felt loved hearing Mikrokosmos and Magic shop, cried again hearing make it right. Felt energized hearing idol, dynamite, ON, go go, DNA. The songs went on, helped me walk forward. Run BTS episodes made me laugh while I was struggling to keep my sanity, Bon Voyage helped me overcome my feelings of being trapped. I joined weverse, interacted with ARMYs there, I also interacted with them on Pinterest and Youtube, I was amazed at the warmth and camaraderie I received. I felt accepted and loved. BTS and ARMY made me feel that way. Hopefully the worse has passed now, I have picked up my books again, my family is recovering from all the losses. And BTS has helped me keep my sanity through it all. They are God's gift to us, to all of us, in these tumultuous times and I'm thankful for their existence. Borahae BTS. Borahae ARMY. Thank you for being 7 of the brightest stars in my universe, for showing that I have reasons I should love myself. Thank you for being with me.
Astra Saurus
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