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Shivangi Gondhi
May 17, 2022
In #thepurplesafehaven
Anneyong hasseyo , I know Everyone out here is having beautiful stories regarding these 7 beautiful men💜 n each story has 7 main characters.. here’s I narrate mine : BTS came into my life as a peace maker the reason of my joy , reason of my growth. Way back my life was a mess , my life was going in a direction where I was finding myself in depression no source of happiness was there until my frnd recommended to hear FAKE LOVE As that song depicted my life scenario. Once I heard the track it was no way going back without being fan of Them. As I started knowing them n the hardships they went through to achieve this kinda love made Me an army as these 7 men desvre all the happiness Earlier I use to never love myself , I wasn’t in love with me at all But BTS motivated me to be myself n love myself. I’m glad I’m born in era where BTS belongs . I find solutions to all my problems by their speeches, lyrics , m v n their interviews 🐻 they r my MAGIC SHOP , I keep them in my heart ! Jin makes my heart sing , RM inspires me to be myself, Suga depicts me that care isn’t always needed to be shown, J hope makes my heart dance , Jimin brighten up my day , V already has my heart - my bias he is the first person I looked upon, his childlike n unique behaviour grabbed my attention N just melts my heart ❤️ And JK always makes eyes shine. I thank them for being my hero’s it’s my dream to see them live n tell them that thank you for saving me n we need you for lifetime pls never disband yourself. BORAHAE 💜
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Shivangi Gondhi

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