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Sadaf k Hashmi
Aug 05, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Everything was going absolutely fine but suddenly last year on 30th july my best friend left me... I don't even know why.. he was my only safe zone. My only friend. He was more like a family to me.. but he left and I was broken.. i was badly hurt.. I was unable to sleep for almost a month i was scared of everything cause everyone who came into my life didn't stayed for long everyone left me but being left by me best friend made me insecure...I was getting depressed my parents didn't new any thing about this I never let them know.. and this was not the first time that someone left me before this half of my family left me it's been 5 years since I heard from my grandmother.... My cousins left me ... I was all alone I don't even have any siblings.. He was the only person I used to share everything about my life with he was solution to my all the problems... But he did the same thing others did to me... So one day to distract myself I was watching reels and a video popped up from no where it was "Taehyung's" video.. he was making funny faces and because of that video i smiled... I smiled after I don't know how many days.... Then more videos started to popup and my interest increased in BTS.. IT took me a MONTH to learn their names 😅😅 .. they taught me my value... They taught me how to be happy alone (ofcourse you're not alone BTS is always with you💜) when I see their confessions about us ARMYs I feel so much loved even though they don't know me. My love for them is increasing day by day. Whenever I feel low or angry or depressed I listen to their songs, watch their videos after all RUN BTS is a good laughter therapy... And what I love the most is that there are millions of people like me who are loved by them.. BTS SAVED them from their demons (depression anxiety etc etc)..... And one thing I would like to say to ARMYs that please please love them all... Don't disrespect any of them... They all have suffered they all need to be loved... And please don't call yourself an ARMY if you follow BTS just for two or three members.. Having a bias is different thing but not loving them all is not acceptable so please love them all they all are PRECIOUS SOULS💖💜 OK BYE....

Sadaf k Hashmi

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