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Nancy Posada
Jun 28, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Ever since I was little ive never gotten along with my father. Ive never gotten the love of a father he gives to his child. All ive gotten was screams and hate, that i dont work for nothing, that im just stubborn and etc. In every school year i was bullied cuz of being a nerd and i was fat. I had no friends but one, my bestfriend. And everytime i got home from schoolit was like coming from being bullied to getting yelled at at home. My mother couldnt do anything, and i started to hate myself alot. Through my teen years my father always wanted to kick me out of the house, he never gotten along through all my life that i wanted to commit suicide. I was crying and crying that i wanted to hear music and block all my surroundings. Till i found this song called Miss Right by BTS, Everything started to change from there bts had stopped me from wanting to commit suicide, they made me happier. They made me laugh and smile through my hard times and even showed me to love myself. And to be myself... Without em i wouldnt be here living. Id suffered through all my hard times, ive sat in a corner of my room crying listening to every bts song. I thank them so much for Making me Feel better and stay strong even tho i felt like i had no one in this world that i was all alone. But with them ive became an Army, im thankful for having BTS AND ARMY with me feels like a family. I wont feel like am alone again . Im already 23 years old and ive got out from all those bad thoughts of wanting to commit suicide. Thank you BTS, JOONIE, JIN, SUGA,JIMIN, HOBI, TAE TAE AND KOOKIE I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.
Nancy Posada
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