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Lakshmi Sarvani
Aug 25, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Hi Army....💜 My name is Lakshmi Sarvani. Iam Army since 2019. Iam a girl....and I faced everything as a girl....I faced discrimination in my own family. I lost my loved ones. I lost my pets and even I lost my father at the age of 2. When I was 5 I use to play happily on my terrace vibing with the cool air. Giggling in the rain. But I don't know then that those are my last memorable and happiest moments. I worked as child labour. They use to abuse me, they use to beat me. When I told about that to my mom..... instead of supporting they just scolded me. They talked so many bad things on my back. The sad became pain and the pain became angry. But their humiliation doesn't stopped. I lost my friends. I left alone. I use to cry for hours on Terrace hugging myself....I use to cry in my washroom hoping that I would die soon. I also attempted suicide for 3 times. Then......I came to know BTS by a relative. I. Don't know what .....but I felt something when I listened ON (it's my first BTS song I heard). I started listening to all of their songs. Spring day... Epiphany etc. I started obsessing over them. At a point of time...I decided to hate them to forget them. I truly tried but I got to know that I need them. I started loving them heartfully....I got a new family called Army 💜. I got a hope in the form of "I purple you". I started smiling again. I started enjoying the rain again. I again reborn with the help of BTS. And in this journey of loving them....I started loving myself. Now I can love myself. Speak for myself and stand for myself. They really boosted my confidence...I went from " please don't talk my back " to "If you want to talk bad about me then come to me I will tell you more " Thankyou BTS ❤️ Thankyou Army 💜 We are together bullet proof 🥰 From:- Lakshmi Sarvani A.R.M.Y I purple you 💜
Lakshmi Sarvani
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