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Yashaswini Hiremath
Feb 28, 2022
In #thepurplesafehaven
Hiiii💜💜💜 💜 My name is yashu, i'm from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳.I have suffered so much before I knew BTS, my mom and dad didn't help when I was in depression😭🥺. Thus I lost interest in everything and began to hate myself🥺🥺, I thought I shouldn't live😭. when I found out about you the most 😍memorable😍 moment in my life.😀 seeing you,🎶listening to your songs, I have begun to forget all my pain. The meaning of your songs🎵🎶 have given me courage from there. I started to love myself💜, I am so happy😊😇 and reading very well in my education📒📒, when I'm watching your videos, I was so happy 😊😁and seeing you cry makes me cry so much🥺😭. The run BTS you do for us😍 , I enjoyed watching them.I thought no body loves me but I was wrong. For the people who love you named as ARMY💜, did you release a song🎶🎶 for the 8 th year birthday. But I have one thing, that i haven't been early days🥺😭, I promised you I will support🥰, love 💜and believe💜 you still my last breath💜, If some body ask me do you like BTS💜 or your parents, I said BTS💜, you guys spreading positivity in world💜🎶, when I see your photos🖼, your videos🎥, your laughter😂😂, your speech🎤, yours my heart beats💜 with joy and love💜, you have changed the lives of many people for the better including me💜 . I am proud to be part of large family💜 (BTS×ARMY)💜. thanks to the BTS who gave the pleasure of life💜. strength and thank for giving my soul , and I try to learn korean🥰, not enough to explain what I feel💜. BORAHAE 💜💜💜

Yashaswini Hiremath

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