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Bhavya Sharma
Jun 24, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
I was fan of them from 2013 but I lost interest during the ”N.O.” Era and became an army during LY-Answer era which was one of the best era for me . During that time I was sooo depressed that I attempted suciding many time ‘coz my parents used to scold me very much for studies . I studied and studied but then also I was not getting good marks in tests . So they used to thrash me every time . Then one day my frnd told me about BTS and I was like I have heard of them but I did not listen to any songs . But then she made me listen to ”Answer -Love Myself “ . I was sooo emotional at that time that when I got home I cried in my bedroom. Then one day while scrolling my Yt I saw Rm’s speech of loving yourself from the United Nation . I was sooo emotionally attached to that speech that day by day I started to became better . My past self who was weak left me and out of nowhere a new myself came . It all just happened with BTS . They motivated me sooo much with their hard work and dedication for Armys that I stated doin the same thing but my way . I started working harder for everything. I loved myself even tough the outside world pushed me down . But I knew that if I will fall down BTS will be there to catch me. Slowly and gradually I became a fan of them . Not because they were famous but because of their hard work and dedication towards what they did and towards Armys . All the members healed me and made me who I am today . Rm’s patience , Jin’s dad jokes and laughs , Suga’s pain and his love for music , Jhope’s bright attitude and passion for dancing , Jimin’s love , Taehyung’s eccentricity and live for animals and Jungkook’s strength made me who I am and who I will be in the future. They made me love myself and made me bring out the best of me . When I steeped into this fandom and met BTS and army , I suddelny felt that I came home , to where I belong .They are my magic shop and my universe who I don’t wanna leave anytime soon . BTS doesn’t know at all that how many lives they saved from their music. if something makes me happy , calm and satisfied , that is bts’s music. if comfort was a thing , it would be BTS music💜💜💜 Saranghae and Borahae from India your Army Bhavya💜💜💜
From lost myself to love myself:-
My journey of finding myself with the help of BTS : content media
Bhavya Sharma
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