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Welcome ARMY
In #thepurplesafehaven
Pratha Pratha
Jun 23, 2021
Hi I am an army girl. in 2019 I just search on youtube recation videos on tik tok and there i saw first time bts recation video and that video was fake but that time I don't know about for me that time it was like real video and slowly.... I have interest in them and dynamite (12,2020) was my first song of bts that I have lisent and after that I know the song is of bts then I lisent many songs of them and then I don't no when I am becom an army and I really don't understand Korean language because my mother tongue is Marathi and not only me many of Army's can't understand the Korean language but we all can feel the same feelings emotions and we can understand the message that bts want to give from there video and it's really an amazing bond that bts.💜and Army.have and the speak yourself love yourself album from that album songs form many album song and by bts story that how they become an idol really inspired me alot in my life I have a time when everyone says you can't be a coryographer and that time I am also like I can't be. but when I know bts story how they struggle how they become an amazing idol /legends and there song also give me a lot of inspiration / strength to fight with that time so I want to thanks to them and now I have positive feelings that I will become an coryographer and they teach me to love myself so thanks to them. and now it's 1 year complete to become an army and I promise to me army and bts that I will be an army till my death and thanks to bts to come in my life and change my entire life and to teach me that how important to live an happy life ,an teach me to that you can achieve your goals your dreams thanks for every thing and I will pery that Army.💜and bts.💜 stay healty and happy..서랑해 💜borahae 💜 i purple you 💜💜💜💜

Pratha Pratha

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