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Nishi Patel
Aug 05, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Myself Nishi Patel . Im 23 years old girl and I am from India. My journey of becoming an army is simple but BTS is the biggest gift of my life . I believe that everyone in the world faces problems and everyone suffered from different kind of pain , depression , loneliness , and so on ...i also suffered from them but we have to fight with things and move on but its not easy and we need some things to heal ourselves. BTS not only makes music that healed people But The life story of Each members are extremely inspiring . NAMJOON taught me "maturity". JIN taught me self confidence whatever people think "be you ".YOONGI taught me "never give up" on things you want even if they are not in our hands .JHOPE taught me "to be nice" with everyone even if they are not .JIMIN ..he taught me to be the kind and lovely person..he taught me that "you're enough" for yourself you don't need to always depend on someone "work hard" .V taught me to "save my innerchild" .JUNGKOOK taught me that if you learn anything with all your heart "you can do everything you want".so for me they are all like my mentors and biggest motivation. BTS changed my way of i found happiness in all little things life is more happier than before and i have now so many armies so that i never feel alone ..Thank you is never enough for them to make us better person . Thank you so much all of you ...BTS and ARMY you so much all..💜

Nishi Patel

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