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Jasmyne Foong
Aug 12, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
Hi Armys! I'm Jasmyne, 22 years old and from Malaysia. I've known BTS in 2016 but wasn't an Army until Boy with Luv Era. I grew up having to deal with my own feelings and emotions without having anyone to be there for me. I never knew that self-love existed as I always put others before me. I went to a lot of tough time on my own, had depression and anxiety. But ever since I became an Army, listened to BTS's songs, and always heard BTS asking their fans to love themselves, I started to practice self-love by giving myself some "me time", doing the things I love and treating myself to gifts even when I make a small achievement. So, BTS has healed most of pain. They make my life a lot easier to get through daily. Their words of encouragement, comfort and their smiles has brought me a lot of comfort. They have become my safe space and my happiness. Thank you to my seven angels 💜
Jasmyne Foong
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