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Anvitha A S
Jun 24, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
I was stressed & wanted to distract myself.Then Magic 💜 happened,suddenly i got youtube recommendation of BTS song Blood sweet and tears.I was so impressed then i saw Bangtan Bomb where Hobi was chasing V and Jimin 😂.Then i watched Rookie king final boss episodes.I got to know about their success from the failure and how they worked hard for it &also their Love yourself campaign.I become Army on that day.Im completely changed to another person🥺🥰.Im Ot7💜.Each members had struggled for what they are today.They are always inspiration for.I thank myself for becoming Army 🥰.I love BTS till my end😌💜🥰.I thank BTS for coming in my life and becoming a part of my happiness 🥺💜.Thank for realising me to "love myself".I wish them a great future ahead💜❤️.Still now whenever i feel down i look their old photos...that gives me hope to work hard.💜 A heartfull of Thank you my dear ones.Love u guys💜💜💜🥰🤩
Anvitha A S
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