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Anushka Singh
Jun 23, 2021
In #thepurplesafehaven
I really come to know about BTS from Dynamite Era but due to my exam I can't able to focus on BTS Then after my exams over then the pandemic started every college and school got closed and still it's closed it is going to be approx 1 year in starting months I enjoyed but after some time I just started feeling lonely and depressed because I literally had nothing to do cuz all activities are going online . Then my clg friend suggest me one song of BTS I really felt that song then what I slowly started my journey towards the purple 💜 ocean 🌊 under my army friend guidence I started following them on twitter,vlive, weverse ,insta, YouTube .............. And then started watching their run bts episode, listened every song,interview ,bon voyage and many more..........., I am Ot7 army I really adore every members Being a broken 💔 international I really never attended any concert but maybe oneday ( just one day) But I have eaten BTS 💜 meal 😊 it was really delicious I am still a neive army I had a lot discover About them and learn to how to love myself and now I am not feeling any bore or lonely saranghae BTS ❤️ Their songs really motivate me and fill me with energy 🙂. They are the best 🤩🤩 As everyone says.... You find BTS when you need them So that's why I found BTS We debuted for you when you join BTS as an army - Min yoongi... thanks for this platform to write my BTS journey BORAHE 💜
Anushka Singh
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