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Step 1

Show yourself

First, we'll take your picture. Simple, easy, no pressure: this isn't a fashion photoshoot. You're here to be yourself.

Photoshoot Setup
Bookshelf Broadcast

Step 2
Speak yourself

Who are you? What do you like/dislike about yourself? What are your goals and dreams? Let us know a little bit more about you during the interview part of the project.

Step 3

Find yourself

Or at least, start your journey towards self-discovery. You got this!


How does it work?

Share your story with us
and Voices of Youth by UNICEF!

Are you between 13 and 24?

Are you ready to write and share your BTS/self-love story with the world?


Follow this link to learn how to participate in

the Voices of Youth x I Purple Me Project movement.

You're over 24? Don't worry, we got you as well.

Write and share your BTS/self-love story with us on our very own forum.

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